Battle of Cotyaeum

The Battle of Cotyaeum (modern Kütahya) of 492 CE[1] was a major engagement is the Isaurian War fought in Phrygia Epictetus[2] between the rebel Isaurian army led by Longinus of Cardala (other commanders included Conon Phuscianus, an ex-bishop, and Longinus of Selinus), and the Eastern Roman army of Emperor Anastasius led by John the Scythian and John the Hunchback (subordinate commanders included the future emperor Justin I).

Battle of Cotyaeum
Part of Isaurian War
Cotyaeum (modern Kütahya)
Coordinates: 39°25′00″N 29°59′00″E / 39.41667°N 29.98333°E / 39.41667; 29.98333
Result Byzantine victory
Byzantine Empire Isaurian rebels
Commanders and leaders
John the Scythian,
John the Hunchback
Longinus of Cardala
Battle of Cotyaeum is located in Asia Minor
Battle of Cotyaeum
Location within Asia Minor

The rebel forces were decisively defeated and were forced to retreat to their fortresses in Isauria where Byzantine imperial forces slowly winkled them out over the next seven years.

In 2015 a mass grave containing around sixty skeletons was found in Kütahya, believed to be of Roman date. Investigations are ongoing as to whether these skeletons are victims of the Isaurian War or the Battle of Cotyaeum.[3]


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