The Battle of Chandawar was fought in 1194 between Muhammad of Ghor and Jayachandra of the Gahadavala dynasty.[2] It took place at Chandawar (modern Chandawal near Firozabad[3]), on the Yamuna River close to Agra. The victory of this battle gave Muhammad control of much of North India. The battle was hotly contested, until Jayachandra was killed and his army routed.[1]

Battle of Chandawar
Part of Indian campaigns of Muhammad of Ghor
modern Chandawal near Firozabad
27°06′25″N 78°22′01″E / 27.107°N 78.367°E / 27.107; 78.367
Result Ghurid victory[1]
Ghurid Empire Gahadavala kingdom
Commanders and leaders
Muhammad of Ghor
Qutb ud din Aibak
Chandawar is located in South Asia
Location of the Battle of Chandawar

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