Battle of Cerro Muriano

The Battle of Cerro Muriano took place during the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Battle of Cerro Muriano
Part of the Córdoba offensive, Spanish Civil War
Monument a la casa on va nàixer Federico Borrell Garcia, Taino, a Benilloba.JPG
Monument to the "Falling Soldier" Federico Borrell Garcia "Taino" in his home town Benilloba
Date5–6 September 1936
Cerro Muriano, Spain
Result Nationalist victory
Spain Spanish Republic Francoist Spain Nationalist Spain
Commanders and leaders
José Miaja José Enrique Varela
Casualties and losses
High Minimal


Cerro Muriano is a village currently within the municipal terms of Córdoba and Obejo in the Province of Córdoba.


The battle followed the August Córdoba offensive and lasted two days, 5 and 6 September 1936. After a 36-hour siege the Regulares and the Spanish Legion troops overran the Republican positions of the Columna Miaja leaving many dead.[1]

The battle is famous owing to the picture of a "falling militiaman" taken by Robert Capa, a picture that sought to represent the tragic fate of the Spanish Republic.[2][3]

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