Battle of Cambrils

The Battle of Cambrils or the Massacre of Cambrils took place in December 1640 during the Reapers' War.

Battle of Cambrils
Part of Reapers' War
Date13–16 December 1640
Result Spanish victory
 Principality of Catalonia  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Catalonia Antoni d'Armengol 
Jacint Vilosa 
Carles Bertrolà i de Caldés 
Spain Pedro Fajardo
2,000 - 4,000
2 cannons
23,000 infantry
3,000 cavalry
25 cannons
Casualties and losses
1,100 killed unknown

The revolt had started in May–June 1640 and as a reaction the Spanish Army had occupied Tortosa in Catalonia in September. On December 8 a large army under Pedro Fajardo de Zúñiga y Requesens headed for Barcelona, passing through Cambrils.

Here, a small force of Catalan rebels attempted to ambush this much larger force, before withdrawing into the town and attempting to defend it. After several days of bombardment and heavy fighting the Spanish captured the town.
When the defenders tried to surrender, some 700 of them were massacred. The three leaders were quickly trialed and executed on the garrote. The next day, more people were hanged and the city was sacked.
The Spanish army then continued in the direction of Barcelona, taking Tarragona on December 24. Later this army was decisively defeated in the Battle of Montjuïc on January 23.

Coordinates: 41°04′31″N 1°03′16″E / 41.0753°N 1.0544°E / 41.0753; 1.0544