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The Battle of Beroe was a conflict near Stara Zagora, ancient Ulpia Augusta Traiana, between the Romans and Goths in 250 which resulted in a Gothic Victory.

Battle of Beroe
Part of the Roman-Gothic Wars of 3rd century AD, the Roman-Germanic wars and the Crisis of the Third Century
Stara Zagora - Bulgarien Römisches Theater.JPG
Ruins of a Roman amphitheatre at Beroe (now Stara Zagora).
Result Gothic victory
Goths Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Cniva Trajan Decius
Casualties and losses

After the Battle of Nicopolis ad Istrum where the Goths were defeated, emperor Decius reached Beroe but his army was exhausted and he had to rest his men and horses but Cniva and his Goths attacked him and the Roman army was heavily defeated.[1]


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