The Battle of Beler (Spanish: Batalla de Beler) was one of the major battles of the Dominican War of Independence and was fought on the 27 November 1845 at the Beler savanna, Monte Cristi Province. A force of Dominican troops, a portion of the Army of the North, led by General Francisco Antonio Salcedo, defeated a force of the Haitian Army led by General Jean-Louis Pierrot, while 3 Dominican schooners led by Admiral Juan Bautista Cambiaso, blockaded the port of Cap-Haïtien to prevent sea reinforcements of the near sited land battle.[1]

Battle of Beler
Part of the Dominican War of Independence

Monte Cristi Province
Date27 November 1845
Result Dominican victory
Dominican Republic Haiti Haiti
Commanders and leaders
Gen. Francisco Antonio Salcedo
Lt. José María Imbert
Adm. Juan Bautista Cambiaso
Haiti Gen. Jean-Louis Pierrot
Haiti Gen. Seraphin 
3 schooners
(Separación Dominicana, María Chica, and Leonor)
Casualties and losses
16 killed
25–30 wounded
350 killed
10 captured




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