Battle of Alto de los Godos

The Battle of Alto de los Godos took place on 25 May 1813 in Maturín, Venezuela, in the Spanish colonial Viceroyalty of New Granada. It resulted in a patriot victory against the forces of Spanish general Domingo de Monteverde.

Battle of Alto de los Godos
Part of the Venezuelan War of Independence
(Military career of Simón Bolívar)
Date25 May 1813
Result Patriot victory
Venezuelan Patriots Spain Royalists
Commanders and leaders
Manuel Piar
José Tadeo Monagas
José Francisco de Azcúe
Andrés Rojas
Remigio Fuenmayor
Spain Domingo de Monteverde
450 infantry
2 cannons
Casualties and losses
unknown 27 officers dead
452 soldiers dead
50 wounded

It was one of the five attempts by the royalists to regain control over the region and it is notable for its inclusion of women in combat, such as Juana Ramírez, who was also known as "The Advancer" (La Avanzadora).

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