Battle of Alegaon

The Battle of Alegaon was fought between Nizam Ali Khan of Hyderabad and Raghunathrao of the Maratha Empire against Madhavrao I of the Maratha Empire.[1] Raghunathrao had established an alliance with Nizam Ali Khan of Hyderabad.[1] When conflict arose between Raghunathrao and Madhavrao I, a joint campaign between Nizam Ali Khan and Raghunathrao resulted in Madhavrao I being heavily defeated.[1] Madhavrao I surrendered on 12 November 1762.[2] Nizam Ali Khan got all of his previously lost territories that were lost at the Battle of Udgir.[1] Madhavrao I submitted to his uncle, Raghunathrao.[1]

Battle of Alegaon
Alegaon, Taluka: Shirur, District : Pune. 55 km east of Pune Maharashtra
Result Hyderabad State Victory[1]
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svgMaratha Empire Hyderabad State
Maratha Empire
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svgMadhavrao I Nizam Ali Khan


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