Battle of Agusan Hill

Battle of Agusan Hill, May 14, 1900. Capt. Walter B. Elliott, CO of Company I, 40th Infantry Regiment USV, with 80 men proceeded to the village of Agusan, about 16 kilometers west of Cagayan de Misamis town proper, to dislodge about 500 guerillas who were entrenched on a hill with 200 rifles and shotguns. The attack was successful; 2 Americans were killed and 3 wounded; the Filipinos suffered 38 killed, including their commander, Capt. Vicente Roa. The Americans also captured 35 Remington rifles

Battle of Agusan Hill
Part of Philippine–American War
DateMay 14, 1900
Result American victory
 First Philippine Republic  United States
Commanders and leaders
Captain Vicente Roa Captain Walter B. Elliot
500 80
Casualties and losses
38 Killed 2 Killed; 3 Wounded

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