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Batterygate is a controversy over Apple Inc.'s use of software upgrades to slow down Apple devices, in order to prolong their battery life.[1]



Due to reports of iPhones shutting off with around 30% battery life, Apple released iOS 10.2.1 which throttled the CPU performance of devices with a battery in poor health.

While there had been anecdotal evidence that iPhones and other Apple products appeared to slow down just before a new launch, this was not taken seriously until hard data was posted on Reddit.[2] In response Apple issued a short letter explaining the situation.[3] On 28 December 2017 they announced that the cost of replacing an out of warranty battery would be reduced from $79 to $29.[3]


As of 11 January 2018, 32 class action lawsuits had been filed against Apple over this issue.[4]

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