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The Battery Council International (BCI) is a trade association of manufacturers of original-equipment and after-market automobile batteries and other lead-acid batteries. Its headquarters are in Chicago, USA.

It promotes the recycling of lead-acid batteries, and claims that almost all car batteries are eventually recycled.[1]

After Ecology Center, Environmental Defence and the Clean Car Campaign published a report in 2003 which called for the elimination of lead-based car batteries,[2] [3] [4] BCI issued a press release disputing the report's conclusions.[5]

The trade association provides industry standards for testing, dimensions, and sizes of lead-acid batteries worth over $1 billion in the North American market each year. The trade association provides models for legislation to encourage the recycling and safe handling of automotive lead-acid battery products.

It also organizes regular conferences and meetings.[6]

In August 2017, Battery Council International launched Essential Energy Everyday, a joint initiative with the International Lead Association to increase awareness about the importance of lead batteries as a key resource for sustainable, essential, reliable, and safe energy sources and storage.


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