Battery may refer to:

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Other uses in musicEdit

  • Battery, a collective term for drums, cymbals, and other percussion
    • Drum kit, sometimes called a battery
    • Marching percussion, also called the battery, in a modern drumline
    • Battery, term for a collection of sampled percussion sounds for use in a digital audio workstation (DAW); sometimes also inclusive of synthesized bass rhythms
      • Native Instruments Battery, a specific product of this sort, sometimes referred to simply as Battery
  • "Battery" (song), by Metallica
  • Battery 9, a South African music project

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and mediaEdit

Other usesEdit

  • Battery (baseball), collectively, the pitcher and catcher
  • Battery, stamp battery, or stamp mill, a type of mill that crushes material by pounding
  • Battery Building, a nickname for this historic The Simmons Hardware Company Warehouse, located in Sioux City, Iowa that is on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Battery cage, a confinement system for egg-laying chickens
  • Battery Energy Drink, an energy drink made in Finland

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