Bates Haunt, an annual Halloween display in Taylorsville, Utah, is the first and longest running[citation needed] video projection mapping show on a building. The first show was on October 31, 2002. It continues to hold performances each October.

Bates Haunt Halloween Show
Bates Haunt in 2015
GenreHalloween Show
Location(s)1233 Morning Oaks Drive, Taylorsville, UT
Years active21
InauguratedOctober 31, 2002 (2002-10-31)
FounderDave Bates
Most recent2023
WebsiteOfficial website



The first performance was on October 31, 2002, using a borrowed 1200 lumen projector projecting from the home across the street.[1] Each year additional elements were added. In 2005 a quartet of leaf bag pumpkins were added singing an original song.[2] The haunt drew the attention of one of the first DIY haunter's conventions HauntX in 2006. There the haunt was awarded two awards: "Best Home Haunt" and "Halloween Enthusiast of the Year".[3] The next year the haunt was featured on Comcast's new digital TV channel Fearnet. Since then the show has continued to grow adding additional original songs and content.[4] It was featured in 2013 on Good Morning America's website in the top 10 Outrageous Halloween Homes Across America[5] as well as various local media outlets.[6]



Bates Haunt pioneered a technique which used a common drawing program Adobe Photoshop to trace 3D objects using a projector.[7] The resulting image is then brought into a video program and used to precisely align video elements to the projection surface. The show is a single 30 minute video running in a seamless loop.[8]


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