Batang Regency

Batang (Javanese: ꦧꦠꦁ) is a regency (Indonesian: kabupaten) on the north coast of Central Java province in Indonesia. Its capital is Batang, about 100 km west of the province's capital city of Semarang.

Batang Regency

Kabupaten Batang
Official seal of Batang Regency
Batang Berkembang
Batang Regency is located in Indonesia
Batang Regency
Batang Regency
Location of Batang Regency in Indonesia
Coordinates: 6°51′46″S 110°3′6″E / 6.86278°S 110.05167°E / -6.86278; 110.05167Coordinates: 6°51′46″S 110°3′6″E / 6.86278°S 110.05167°E / -6.86278; 110.05167
ProvinceCentral Java
 • Total788.64 km2 (304.50 sq mi)
 • Total706,764
 • Density900/km2 (2,300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)
Area code(s)+62 285

People in Batang are mostly Javanese who speak both Javanese and Indonesian.

The regency comprises both coastal and mountainous landscapes. Batang's town centre is located on the side of the north coast trans Java highway network, widely known as "the Pantura". Economic activities are concentrated along this highway and also in the vicinity of the town square known as "alun-alun". In the middle of the square, there is a huge old ficus tree which has become one of the Regency's icons.

Administrative districtsEdit

The Regency consists of 15 districts (kecamatan), namely: Batang the town (the capital of the whole Regency), Bandar, Bawang, Blado, Gringsing, Limpung, Reban, Subah, Tersono, Tulis, Warungasem, Wonotunggal, Pecalungan, Kandeman and Banyuputih.


These include:

  • Curug Genting 40m waterfall surrounded by pine forest, about 38 km southward (Blado District).
  • Ujungnegoro Coast, 4 km northeastward, coast with steep edge, very rare in North Java. Aswotomo cave and small graveyard established by the Muslim missionary Syeikh Maulana Maghribi. Canoes can be hired and there is fishing.
  • Curug Gombong: 13 m waterfall that divides naturally layered stones (raj stones), situated in Gombong village, about 6 km south of Subah District.
  • Agrotourism: Pagilaran tea plantation in Andongsili hill and others, about 40 km to the mountain. There is a "tea walk" and tea products are on sale. Accommodation is available.
  • Batang Beach: About 3 km from town northward. Watch the sunrise and take a look at fishermen's lives.

Special eventsEdit

Every "Jumat Kliwon" night (the night before a particular Friday, which coincides with the mystical fifth day of Kliwon of the Javanese calendar) people gather in the town square, creating a monthly festival with hundreds of street vendors selling goods. It occurs every 35 days.

People related to BatangEdit

Goenawan Mohamad - democracy activist, writer and also prominent national press figure, was born in Batang.

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