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Bat Shalom is one of the organizations of the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace. They are a feminist Israeli-Palestinian non-governmental organization, a merging of two previous organizations: Israel’s Bat Shalom, and the Jerusalem Center for Women. They work together through another group, The Jerusalem Link.[1] Their main goal is to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with resolutions for Israeli and Palestinian women as their highest priorities. They also created a list of specific goals in mind that they believe must be essential to the overall resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.[2]

Bat Shalom
MottoWomen with a vision for a just peace.
FormationSeptember 1993
Founded atBrussels
TypeNon-governmental organization
Legal statusInactive
Key people
Hagar Roublev
Parent organization
The Jerusalem Link
AffiliationsCoalition of Women for Peace, Jerusalem Center for Women



In 1989, prominent Israeli and Palestinian women peace activists convened a meeting in Brussels. The meeting initiated an ongoing dialogue that in 1994 resulted in the establishment of The Jerusalem Link comprising two women's organizations—Bat Shalom on the Israeli side, and the Jerusalem Center for Women on the Palestinian side.

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