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Bastiaan Quast is a Dutch-Swiss data scientist. He is the main author of the open-source rnn and attention deep-learning frameworks in the R programming language, and the datasets.load GUI package, as well as R packages on Global Value Chain decomposition & WIOD and on Regression Discontinuity Design.[1] Quast is a great-great-grandson of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tobias Asser.[2]

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Early life and educationEdit

Bastiaan Quast graduated from University of Groningen with a bachelor's degree in Economics and bachelor's degree in Theoretical philosophy. He holds a master's degree in Econometrics from the University of St. Gallen He obtained his Ph.D from Graduate Institute with advisors Richard Baldwin and Jean-Louis Arcand, his work on local languages and internet usage was discussed at the 2017 G20 meeting in Germany.[3][4][5]


A screenshot of the datasets.load GUI

Bastiaan Quast created the popular machine learning framework rnn in R, which allows native implementations of recurrent neural network architectures, such as LSTM and GRU (>30,000 downloads[6]). While working at UNCTAD, Quast developed the popular package datasets.load, which is part of the top 10% of most downloaded R packages (>50,000[7]). The R packages decompr and wiod have been downloaded >20,000 times.[8][9]


Kummritz, Victor; Quast, Bastiaan (2017). Global value chains in developing economies. London, United Kingdom: VoxEU.


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