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Bassaleg Junction railway station

Bassaleg Junction was a railway station which served the village of Bassaleg, Monmouthshire.[1]

Bassaleg Junction
Bassaleg Junction Station 1769026 46feab79.jpg
Station in 1962.
Coordinates51°34′44″N 3°02′17″W / 51.579°N 3.038°W / 51.579; -3.038Coordinates: 51°34′44″N 3°02′17″W / 51.579°N 3.038°W / 51.579; -3.038
Grid referenceST281872
Original companyMonmouthshire Railway and Canal Company
Pre-groupingGreat Western Railway
Post-groupingGreat Western Railway
21 December 1850 (1850-12-21)Opens
1 September 1898Closed to goods
1 January 1917Closed
1 March 1919Reopened
30 April 1962Closed
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The station was opened by the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company on 21/23 December 1850.[2][3] It appeared in timetables as "Rhymney Junction" before changing to "Bassaleg Junction" in 1858.[3] At times, the station was sometimes referred to in Bradshaw as "Rhymney Junction for Bassaleg and Machen" and at times spelt as "Bassalleg".[4] The line was worked by the Great Western Railway from 1 August 1875 and it later took over the Monmouthshire Railway with effect from 1 August 1880.[5] The station closed to goods traffic on 1 September 1898.[6]

The station closed as a wartime measure between 1 January 1917 and 1 March 1919.[2][3] It closed on 30 April 1962,[2][3] leaving the line to remain open for goods traffic.

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Line and station open
  Great Western Railway
Monmouthshire Railway and Canal
  Newport Dock Street
Line partly open, station closed
Line open, station closed
  Great Western Railway
Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway
Line and station open
  Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company   Newport Courtybella
Line partly open, station closed

Present dayEdit

Trains on the Ebbw Valley Railway pass along the old line, which was upgraded to deal with the new traffic after its use as a freight line for defunct Ebbw Vale steel works for several years.[7] The site has housed large 4 self built houses since around 1989.[citation needed] The old lantern room, used by railway workers to lunch, has recently been renovated by the current owners of the house on whose land it sits.[8] The building has been painted the old Great Western Railway colours (light stone and dark stone) and a historic replica railway sign reading 'Pye Corner' is visible from the road, named after the street address and road junction.[8]

A station named Pye Corner opened close to the site of Bassaleg Junction in 2014.[9][10]



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