Basanta Manjari Devi

Basanta Manjari Devi (1900 – 7 June 1961) was an Indian politician who served as the first woman minister of Odisha. She was the Deputy Minister of Health in the 1946 Harekrushna Mahatab government.

Basanta Manjari Devi
Member of Legislative Assembly and Minister for Industries and Social Welfare, Odisha
Personal details
Born1900 (1900)
Died(1961-06-07)7 June 1961[1]
Political partyIndian National Congress
Spouse(s)Biranchi Narayan Singh Deo

Early life and familyEdit

Devi was born into the royal family of Nilgiri State. Her father was Shyama Chandra Bhanja Mardaraj Harichandan.[1] She was married to Biranchi Narayan Singh Deo or Ranapur State. In the 1946 general election she was elected from Ranpur constituency as an Indian National Congress candidate. She was a Minister of Health, Relief and Rehabilitation in the 1946 Harekrushna Mahtab ministry.[2]


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