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Bartol Gyurgieuvits (also Bartol Jurjevic or Gjurgjevic) (1506–1566) was a Croatian musicologist and lexicographer born in Turopolje near Zagreb.

As a musicologistEdit

Gyurgieuvits was captured by the Ottomans in the Battle of Mohács in 1526 and lived as a slave for 13 years before escaping. During this period he could learn and grasp the basics of Islamic music. Years later, in 1544 he published De Turcarum ritu et caeremoniis in Amsterdam which was one of the first European books to describe music in the Islamic society.

As a LexicographerEdit

Gyurgieuvits is also known to have written the first known Croatian-Latin dictionary in 1544. He is also the author of the practical Italian-Arabic-Hebrew-Aramaic dictionary. His works in the field were published in many languages.

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