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Barry G. Webb is a scholar and Senior Research Fellow in Old Testament at Moore Theological College. He is the author of a number of scholarly books; foremost is the commentary on The Book of Judges in the New International Commentary on the Old Testament series. Numerous scholarly journals and academic religious periodicals have included articles by Webb.[1]

Barry G. Webb
OccupationSenior Research Fellow in Old Testament at Moore Theological College
Academic background
EducationQueensland University, Melbourne University, Australian College of Theology, University of London
Alma materSheffield University (Ph.D.)
Thesis (1985)
Academic work
DisciplineBiblical studies
Sub-disciplineOld Testament studies
InstitutionsMoore Theological College
Main interestsOld Testament studies
Notable worksThe Book of Judges (NICOT)


He earnt his B.A. at Queensland University in 1966 and a further Dip.Ed. there in 1967. He went on to Melbourne University and gained a L.Th. in 1973. He studied at Australian College of Theology before earning a BD (Hons) from the University of London in 1977. Eventually gaining his Ph.D. at Sheffield University in 1985.


Webb's The Book of the Judges: An Integrated Reading (2008) has been described as a "landmark in the study of Judges".[2]

Webb serves as assistant editor of Reformed Theological Review academic journal.

Selected worksEdit


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