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BK Barons/LDz (previously Barons/LMT) is a professional basketball club which is based in Riga, Latvia. The team plays in the first division of Latvian Basketball League.

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Baltic League
HistoryPrincips (1992–1994)
LainERS (1994–2001)
Barons (2001–2004)
Barons/LU (2004–2006)
Barons/LMT (2006–2009)
Barons Kvartāls
ArenaDaugavas Sporta nams
LocationRīga, Latvia
PresidentIvo Zonne
Head coachMārtiņš Gulbis
ChampionshipsLatvian Championships:
2 (2008, 2010)
FIBA EuroCup:
1 (2008)


Barons kvartāls is an integral part of Latvia's recent basketball history, as it (under the name Princips) was one of the foundation teams of the Latvian Basketball League (LBL) in 1992. In the first season Princips carried off bronze in the LBL. After two seasons Princips was renamed the LainERS, making their way into Latvia's basketball history with its first American legionary Mikki Jackson, with a cheerleader show and first ever game programmes in the Latvian league.

LainERS achieved LBL bronze in 1994, and in the next two seasons finished in 4th place. They also reached the semi-finals in 1998, but then for couple of years no greater success was achieved.

The club's revival started in the fall 2001, when LainERS became Barons. The road up was made little by little, but permanent. On the year 2004 Barons took LBL bronze, but on the next two years the historical 2nd place was achieved. Barons made history again with first players cards. In January 2007 came out already third issue of the fan beloved cards. In the last season on the LBL Barons/O!Karte in semi-finals in series of five games lost to the next Latvian champions ASK Rīga, but in the fight for the bronze won Liepājas Lauvas.

Barons/O!Karte has participated in all three of the Baltic Basketball League championships. So far the highest achievement was on the year 2006, when Barons/O!Karte participated in the Final Six in Tallinn. On 15 October 2006, the audience for the Barons/O!Karte game with Kauņas Žalgiris was a record high – 11,500 spectators.

Match against KK Zagreb in 2008

2008 season Barons/O!Karte got to Baltic Basketball League eighth-final, where in the best out of two games lost to Kalev/Cramo. But still the season can be considered as a historical, because for the first time Barons won Latvian championships and FIBA EuroCup.

Latvian championships was won again by Barons in 2010.

Season 2011–12 Barons played in Latvian Basketball League 2 division (LBL), where ranked first place and in next season came back to LBL with name Barons Kvartāls.


As of August 3, 2016
# Player Pos. Height Weight
  Salvis Mētra G/F 195 cm 92 kg
  Kristaps Mediss G 188 cm 89 kg

  Denis Krestinin F 202 cm

Season by seasonEdit

Season League Pos. Significant Events Baltic League Pos. European competitions
1991–92 LBL 3
1992–93 LBL 4
1993–94 LBL 3
1994–95 LBL 4
1995–96 LBL 4
1996–97 LBL 7
1997–98 LBL 4
1998–99 LBL 7
1999–00 LBL 6
2000–01 LBL 6
2001–02 LBL 5
2002–03 LBL 6
2003–04 LBL 3
2004–05 LBL 2 Elite Division 9
2005–06 LBL 2 Elite Division 6 Played EuroChallenge
2006–07 LBL 3 Elite Division 7 Played EuroChallenge
2007–08 LBL 1 Elite Division 4 EuroChallenge Champion
2008–09 LBL 2 Elite Division 8
2009–10 LBL 1
2010–11 LBL 4
2011–12 LBL 2 1
2012–13 LBL 4
2013–14 LBL 7
2014–15 LBL 6

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