Baron Redesdale

Baron Redesdale, of Redesdale in the County of Northumberland, is a title that has been created twice, both times in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was firstly created in 1802 for lawyer and politician Sir John Mitford (later Freeman-Mitford).[1] He was Speaker of the House of Commons between 1801 and 1802 and Lord Chancellor of Ireland between 1802 and 1806. His only son, the second Baron, served as Chairman of Committees in the House of Lords from 1851 to 1886. In 1877, he was created Earl of Redesdale, in the County of Northumberland, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.[2] Lord Redesdale never married, and on his death in 1886 both titles became extinct. The Earl bequeathed his substantial estates to his first cousin twice removed, the diplomat, politician and writer Sir Algernon Freeman-Mitford, the great-grandson of historian William Mitford, who was the elder brother of the first Baron Redesdale.

John Freeman-Mitford,
1st Baron Redesdale
Arms of Mitford, Barons Redesdale: Argent, a fess between three moles sable

The Redesdale title was revived when Algernon Freeman-Mitford was raised to the peerage as Baron Redesdale, of Redesdale in the County of Northumberland, on 15 July 1902.[3] He was succeeded by his second but eldest surviving son, David Freeman-Mitford, 2nd Baron Redesdale, who is chiefly remembered as the father of the famous Mitford sisters. He was also a member of the Right Club, founded by Archibald Maule Ramsay. His only son, the Hon. Thomas Freeman-Mitford, was killed in action in Burma in 1945.

Lord Redesdale was therefore succeeded by his younger brother, the third Baron. He was High Sheriff of Oxfordshire in 1935. He died childless in 1962 when the title passed to his younger brother, the fourth Baron. He died in the following year, also childless, and was succeeded by his nephew, the fifth Baron. He was the son of the Hon. Ernest Rupert Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford, fifth son of the first Baron.

As of 2020, the title is held by the fifth Baron's son, the sixth Baron, who succeeded in 1991. He is a Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords, who in 2000 was created a life peer as Baron Mitford, of Redesdale in the County of Northumberland,[4] to enable him to return to the House after the majority of hereditary peers lost their seats under the House of Lords Act 1999; he is the youngest person ever created a life peer.[citation needed]

Barons Redesdale, first creation (1802)Edit

Earl of Redesdale (1877)Edit

Barons Redesdale, second creation (1902)Edit

The heir apparent is the present holder's eldest son, the Hon. Bertram David Mitford (b. 2000).

Male-line family treeEdit

Male-line family tree, Barons Redesdale (both creations) and Earls of Redesdale
John Mitford
died 1761
Baron Redesdale
(first creation)
William Mitford
John Freeman-Mitford
1st Baron Redesdale

Earl of Redesdale
Henry Mitford
John Freeman-Mitford
1st Earl of Redesdale

2nd Baron Redesdale
Barony and
earldom extinct
Henry Mitford
Baron Redesdale
(second creation)
Algernon Freeman-Mitford
1st Baron Redesdale

Maj. Hon.
Clement Freeman-Mitford
David Freeman-Mitford
2nd Baron Redesdale

Bertram Freeman-Mitford
3rd Baron Redesdale

John Freeman-Mitford
4th Baron Redesdale

Ernest Freeman-Mitford
Maj. Hon.
Thomas Freeman-Mitford
Clement Freeman-Mitford
5th Baron Redesdale

Rupert Mitford
6th Baron Redesdale

born 1967
Bertram Mitford
born 2000

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