Baron Empain Palace

The Baron Empain Palace (Arabic: قصر البارون إمبان, "Qasr el Baron Emban"), better known as Le Palais Hindou (literally, The Hindu Palace), is a distinctive and historic Hindu temple inspired mansion in Heliopolis, a suburb northeast of central Cairo, Egypt.[1][2] It was founded by Edward Louis Joseph Empain, a Belgian businessman who was awarded the title of "Baron" by the King of Belgium.[3]

Baron Empain Palace
The exterior of the Baron Empain palace.jpg
Exterior of the Baron Empain Palace
Former namesBaron Empain
General information
Architectural styleIndian
LocationHeliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Coordinates30°05′12″N 31°19′49″E / 30.08667°N 31.33028°E / 30.08667; 31.33028Coordinates: 30°05′12″N 31°19′49″E / 30.08667°N 31.33028°E / 30.08667; 31.33028
CompletedEarly 20th century
Technical details
MaterialReinforced concrete
Floor count3
Design and construction
ArchitectAlexandre Marcel


The palace was designed by an architect named Alexandre Marcel[4] who was born in Belgium. The palace was decorated by Georges-Louis Claude. Inspired mostly by the Hindu temples of South India, it was built between 1907 and 1911, in reinforced concrete.

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