Baron Ellenborough

Baron Ellenborough, of Ellenborough in the County of Cumberland, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.[1] It was created on 19 April 1802 for the lawyer, judge and politician Sir Edward Law, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench from 1802 to 1818. His son, the second Baron, notably served as Governor-General of India. On 22 October 1844 the second Baron was created Viscount Southam, of Southam in the County of Gloucester, and Earl of Ellenborough, in the County of Cumberland.[2] These titles were also in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. His only son predeceased him and on his death in 1871 the viscountcy and earldom became extinct.

Edward Law,
1st Baron Ellenborough

However, he was succeeded in the barony by his nephew, the third Baron. He was the son of the Hon. Charles Law, Member of Parliament for Cambridge University, second son of the first Baron. In 1885 he assumed by Royal licence the additional surname of Towry (which was that of his father's mother). On the death of his son, the fourth Baron, this line of the family failed. He was succeeded by his cousin, the fifth Baron. When he died the title passed to his younger brother, the sixth Baron. As of 2016 the title is held by the latter's great-grandson, the ninth Baron, who succeeded his father in 2013.[3]

Baron Ellenborough (1802)Edit

Earl of Ellenborough (1844)Edit

Baron Ellenborough (1802; reverted)Edit

The heir apparent is the present holder's son, the Hon. James Rupert Thomas Law (b. 1983).
The heir apparent's heir apparent is his son, Edward Thomas Carmichael Law (b. 2020).

Male-line family treeEdit

Male-line family tree, Barons Ellenborough.
Edward Law
1st Baron Ellenborough

Viscount Southam
Earl of Ellenborough
Edward Law
1st Earl of Ellenborough

2nd Baron Ellenborough

Charles Law
Henry Spencer Law
Viscountcy and
earldom extinct
Edward Law
Charles Towry-Law
3rd Baron Ellenborough

Henry Towry-Law
Edward Law
5th Baron Ellenborough

Cecil Law
6th Baron Ellenborough

Charles Towry-Law
4th Baron Ellenborough

Henry Law
7th Baron Ellenborough

Richard Law
8th Baron Ellenborough

Rupert Law
9th Baron Ellenborough

born 1955
James Law
born 1983
Edward Law
born 2020

Line of successionEdit

Line of succession


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