Earl of Kenmare

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The title of Earl of Kenmare was created in the Peerage of Ireland in 1801. It became extinct upon the death of the 7th Earl in 1952.

Earl of Kenmare
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Arms: Argent, three Martlets in pale between two Flaunches Sable, each charged with a Lion passant Argent. Crest: A Dragon's Head couped Argent, between two Wings Sable, gouttée-d'eau. Supporters: On either side a Lynx Argent, gouttée-de-poix, plain collared and chained Or.
Creation date2 January 1801
Created byGeorge III
PeeragePeerage of the United Kingdom
First holderValentine Browne, 1st Earl of Kenmare
Last holderGerald Browne, 7th Earl of Kenmare
Subsidiary titlesViscount Kenmare
Viscount Castlerosse
Baron Castlerosse
Baron Kenmare
Baronet 'of Molahiffe'
Extinction date14 February 1952
MottoLoyal en tout
(Loyal in everything)

All of the Earls bore the subsidiary titles of Viscount Castlerosse (1801),[1] Viscount Kenmare (1798), and Baron Castlerosse (1798) in the Peerage of Ireland.[2] The 2nd Earl was created Baron Kenmare, of Castlerosse in the County of Kerry in the Peerage of the United Kingdom in 1841,[3] but this title became extinct upon his death. His brother and successor, the third earl, was again created Baron Kenmare, of Castlerosse in the County of Kerry in the Peerage of the United Kingdom in 1856,[4] and this title survived until the extinction of the earldom in 1952.

The Browne lineEdit

Baronets Browne of Molahiffe, County Kerry (1622)Edit

Viscounts Kenmare, Barons Castlerosse (1689)Edit

The third Baronet Browne was created first Viscount Kenmare and Baron Castlerosse (Ireland) on 20 May 1689, by King James II, after his deposition by the English Parliament, but while he still possessed his rights as King of Ireland. At the time James was presiding over the short-lived Patriot Parliament. The peerage remained on the Irish patent roll in a constitutionally ambiguous position, but was not recognized by the Protestant political establishment.[8]

Earls of Kenmare (1801)Edit

The seventh Baronet Browne was created first Baron Castlerosse and first Viscount Kenmare on 12 February 1798, with the earlier peerages not being recognised. He was created first Earl of Kenmare on 3 January 1801.[9]


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