Barom Reachea III

Barom Reachea III (1566–1600), also known as Ponhea An (Khmer: ពញាអន), was the Cambodian king ruled briefly in 1599-1600.

Barom Reachea III
King of Cambodia
PredecessorBarom Reachea II
SuccessorKaev Hua I
Samdach Brhat Parama Raja Parama Bupati

He succeeded his nephew Barom Reachea II in 1599.[citation needed] He put down the Cham rebellion, but soon another revolt led by Kêv broke out.

Barom Reachea III still sought Spanish help. He sent an envoy to Manila and sent a message to the governor of Malacca.[1] He was killed in the same year.[citation needed]


Barom Reachea III
Varman Dynasty
Born: 1566 Died: 1600
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Barom Reachea II
King of Cambodia
Succeeded by
Kaev Hua I