The Barlaeus Gymnasium is a secondary school in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It is one of the five categorial gymnasia in Amsterdam, the other four being Vossius Gymnasium, Ignatius Gymnasium, Het 4e gymnasium and Cygnus Gymnasium. It offers a classical curriculum, including studies in Latin and Greek. The school stands opposite the music venue Paradiso, close to the Leidseplein.

Barlaeus Gymnasium
Barlaeus Gymnasium in 2005
Weteringschans 29–31
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Coordinates52°21′44″N 4°53′04″E / 52.36222°N 4.88444°E / 52.36222; 4.88444
TypePublic[1] Gymnasium
MottoDisciplina Vitae Scipio
PrincipalSusanne Lippert-Suarez Müller
Number of students800

Het Stedelijk Gymnasium was established in 1885. It is the oldest of the four gymnasia, although its origins stretch back to the Latijnse scholen (Latin schools) whose existence is documented as far back as 1594. Since 1927, the school has been named after Caspar Barlaeus. Famous alumni include politicians Frits Bolkestein, Els Borst and writer Willem Frederik Hermans.

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  1. ^ A public (openbare) school in the Netherlands is a school which receives only state funding, as opposed to special schools, which often receive religious funding too. See also: Schoolstrijd
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