Barcelona power station

Barcelona power station (also Power station of Barcelona) is a combined cycle thermoelectric plant located at Pier Energy of Port of Barcelona, in Barcelona, Spain. It has 2 thermal units of 425 MW, which use natural gas as fuel, and with a total electric power of 850 MW. It is owned by the multinational company Gas Natural.[1]

Thermal power station of Barcelona
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Coordinates41°20′12″N 02°09′33″E / 41.33667°N 2.15917°E / 41.33667; 2.15917Coordinates: 41°20′12″N 02°09′33″E / 41.33667°N 2.15917°E / 41.33667; 2.15917
Commission date2008/2011
Owner(s)Gas Natural
Thermal power station
Primary fuelNatural gas
Power generation
Units operational2 x 425 MW
(total: 850MW)
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