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Barbara Havers is a fictional detective in The Inspector Lynley series created by American mystery author Elizabeth George. The character of Detective Sergeant Havers serves as a sidekick and foil to the lead character, Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley of Scotland Yard.

Their relationship is a complicated, multi-layered one that not only encompasses the tensions brought about by their investigations of difficult or high-profile murder cases but also from subtle interpersonal elements as well. DS Havers often clashes with DI Lynley not only because he is her superior officer, but because of her quick temper, which has caused her demotion to detective constable (or DC) and earned her the reputation of being difficult. Their relationship underscores contemporary issues of gender and class. Lynley, the handsome and urbane Eighth Earl of Asherton, has a gilded existence as a member of the nobility, whereas the working class, unattractive and socially inept Havers finds life a struggle. Helping her aging parents is a particular grind. Initially Havers despises all Lynley stands for but she grudgingly comes to accept his innate, bemused decency while recognizing his faults.

Eleven of George's Lynley novels have been adapted for television by the BBC as The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Havers is portrayed by Scottish actress Sharon Small; Nathaniel Parker plays Lynley. The series lasted for five complete seasons before being cancelled in August 2007. There are two episodes from an uncompleted sixth season.

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