Baray District

Baray District (Khmer: ស្រុកបារាយណ៍) is a district within Kampong Thom Province, in central Cambodia.

Street in Baray village
Street in Baray village
Baray is located in Cambodia
Location in Cambodia
Coordinates: 12°23′23″N 105°04′46″E / 12.3896°N 105.0794°E / 12.3896; 105.0794Coordinates: 12°23′23″N 105°04′46″E / 12.3896°N 105.0794°E / 12.3896; 105.0794
Country Cambodia
ProvinceKampong Thom
 • Total167,581
Time zone+7


According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, the Baray District consisted of 18 communes and had a population of 159,586.[2] The population recorded by the 2008 census was 167,581.[1]

In January 2019 eight of the 18 communes—Andoung Pou, Chranieng, Chrolong, Pongro, Sou Young, Sralau, Svay Phleung and Treal—were split from the district to form the Taing Kouk District.[3]

As of 2020, the district contains the following communes.[4]

Code Commune Khmer
060101 Bak Sna ឃុំបាក់ស្នា
060102 Ballangk ឃុំបល្ល័ង្គ
060103 Baray ឃុំបារាយណ៍
060104 Boeng ឃុំបឹង
060105 Chaeung Daeung ឃុំចើងដើងសី
060107 Chhuk Khsach ឃុំឈូកខ្សាច់
060108 Chong Doung ឃុំចុងដូង
060110 Kokir Thum ឃុំគគីធំ
060111 Krava ឃុំក្រវ៉ា
060117 Tnaot Chum ឃុំត្នោតជុំ
Rice paddies, Baray


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