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Barangay hall

A barangay hall is the seat of local government for the barangay, the lowest elected administrative division of the Philippines, below that of a Philippine city or Philippine municipality. The barangay captain, the head of the barangay government, will often hold office there. The elected barangay council, the Sangguniang Barangay, will also hold its meetings there.

The barangay hall also serves as a local community center often providing space for both permanent and temporary services and events. The barangay's day care center and office space for the tanods and the barangay health workers are often located there. Medical missions, religious services, fiestas, and sports contests are often held at or next to the barangay hall.

Like many recent government buildings in the Philippines they usually have concrete block walls, galvanized iron roofs, and tiled floors.


A selection of barangay halls: