Baptism (Laibach album)

Baptism (full title Krst pod Triglavom - Baptism Below Triglav) is soundtrack album by Laibach. It is the soundtrack to the Neue Slowenische Kunst production of the same name. All music and lyrics by Laibach, except where noted.

Soundtrack album by
Released16 November 1987
GenreMartial industrial, industrial, classical
Length71:47 (CD version)
LabelSub Rosa
ProducerLaibach & J.T.
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Track listingEdit


The 2LP version (released as a box with the two records, an LP-sized booklet and two posters) has the following tracks:


  1. "Hostnik"[2]
  2. "Jezero" (Lake)
  3. "Valjhun"[3]
  4. "Delak"[4]
  5. "Koža"[5] (Skin)


  1. "Jägerspiel"[5] (Hunters' Game)
  2. "Bogomila - Verführung"[3] (Bogomila - Seduction)
  3. "Wienerblut"[6] (Viennese Blood)


  1. "Črtomir"[7]
  2. "Jelengar"
  3. "Apologija Laibach"[8] (Laibach Apology)


  1. "Herzfeld"[5][9] (Heartfield)
  2. "Krst"[5] (Baptism)
  3. "Germania"[10]
  4. "Rdeči pilot" (Red Pilot)


The CD version has the same songs (except "Hostnik", which is only on the 2LP), but with slightly different - incorrect - track divisions:

  1. "Jezero/Valjhun/Delak" – 11:00
  2. "Koža" – 3:57
  3. "Jägerspiel" – 7:25
  4. "Bogomila - Verführung" – 3:54
  5. "Wienerblut" – 7:00
  6. "Črtomir" – 4:51
  7. "Jelengar" – 2:41
  8. "Apologija Laibach" – 12:24
  9. "Herzfeld" – 4:48
  10. "Krst, Germania" – 12:50
  11. "Rdeči pilot" – 1:00


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  2. ^ Named after original Laibach vocalist Tomaž Hostnik. Music by Kraftwerk ("Ohm Sweet Ohm"), lyrics by Tomaž Hostnik.
  3. ^ a b The pieces "Valjhun" and "Bogomila" also derive from France Prešeren's epic. Valjhun is a Carinthian duke who converts Slavs into Christianity and Bogomila is Črtomir's sweetheart.
  4. ^ "Delak" is probably named after radical Slovenian theatrical artist Ferdo Delak.
  5. ^ a b c d The pieces "Koža", "Jägerspiel", "Herzfeld" and "Krst" are also found as bonus tracks on the Opus Dei CD.
  6. ^ "Wienerblut" music by Johann Strauss II
  7. ^ "Črtomir" is an old Slovenian name and means "to hate peace". In France Prešeren's epic Krst pri Savici, Slavic Črtomir fights with Valjhun for his beliefs, but he converts to Christianity following the massacre of his men and the destruction of the temple of the goddess Živa on Bled Island.
  8. ^ Lyrics by Tomaž Hostnik.
  9. ^ "Herzfeld" is probably named after German satirist John Heartfield, b. Helmut Herzfeld, upon whose photomontages Laibach have based some of their images.
  10. ^ Arranged by Graeme Revell

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