Banktivity, formerly known as iBank is a personal finance management suite designed for macOS and iOS platforms by IGG Software and debuted in 2003 as a Mac desktop software.

Developer(s)IGG Software Inc.
Initial release2003; 18 years ago (2003)
Operating systemmacOS, OS X, iOS
TypePersonal finance, Accounting software


There have been a total of 7 releases for the desktop version since its inception. Over this same period, IGG Software Inc. also released iOS versions for the iPhone (2009), the iPad (2012), and Apple Watch. Features differ between the apps, specifically the lack of reporting on the iPhone version.

In February 2016, IGG Software officially dropped the iBank name and rebranded as Banktivity. The name was derived from "Bank" and "Activity"according to IGG Software's president Ian Gillespie.[1]

As noted by Forbes, MacWorld, MacLife Magazine, Endgadet and others, Banktivity is considered in the Mac user community as viable alternative to Quicken for Mac.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Banktivity's features include a proprietary cloud sync that can be used between macOS and iOS devices, traditional and envelope budgets, multi-currency support and investment portfolio management.


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