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Banijay (formerly Banijay Entertainment and later Banijay Group) is the world's largest international content producer and distributor with over 120 production companies across 22 territories, and a multi-genre catalogue containing over 120,000 hours of original programming. Headquartered in Paris, the company was founded in January 2008 by Stéphane Courbit, formerly president of Endemol France, and has risen since its inception, to become a €3bn turnover business.

  • Banijay Entertainment (2008–2011)
  • Banijay Group (2011–2020)
FoundedJanuary 2008; 14 years ago (2008-01)
FounderStéphane Courbit
Area served
Key people
Stéphane Courbit (Chairman)[1]
Marco Bassetti (CEO)
Sophie Kurinckx (Group CFO)
Peter Langenberg (COO)
Nicolas Chazarain (Group Chief Legal Officer)
Marie Schweitzer (Chief Strategy Officer)
Anne Van Sprang (Group HR Director)

The company has expanded over the years through multiple acquisitions, including its purchases of Zodiak Media in 2016 and Endemol Shine Group in 2020, when it adopted its current name.[2]

The group represents some of the world's most renowned non-scripted television formats including Big Brother, Survivor, Deal or No Deal, Temptation Island, MasterChef, Don't Forget the Lyrics and Hunted. Banijay is also behind long-running hits that include Peaky Blinders, Grantchester, Wallander, and Black Mirror as well as the upcoming series Marie Antoinette and SAS: Rogue Heroes.[3]


In 2009, Banijay acquired 51% of Spanish production company Cuarzo Producciones on 12 January,[4] 50% of German producer Brainpool TV on 2 July[5] and the entire television division of Copenhagen-based film studio Nordisk Film on 12 October.[6] In March 2010, Banijay acquired American production company Bunim/Murray Productions for an undisclosed amount.[7]

In September 2012, Banijay acquired a majority stake in Australian production company Screentime, which included a New Zealand division (Screentime New Zealand) and a 49% stake in Irish producer Shinawil which was sold in 2015.[8] That same year, French celebrity channel Non Stop People and Cyril Hanouna's H2O Productions became new members of the Group,[9] followed in 2013 by Italian producer Ambra Multimedia[10] and Spanish producer, DLO Producciones.[11]

In April 2014, Banijay launched Banijay Studios North America in Los Angeles, California.[12] On 9 January 2015, Banijay acquired New York City-based Stephen David Entertainment.[13]

In July 2015, Banijay Group announced that it would merge with Zodiak Media; the merger was completed in February 2016.[14][15] Vivendi also became a shareholder in 2016.[16]

In 2017, Banijay acquired BlackLight Television, Blast and Fearless Minds in the UK, launched YellowBird UK and acquired Shauna Events in France.[17] In July of that year Banijay announced it had acquired Survivor production company Castaway Television Productions.[18]

In February 2018, Banijay Group acquired Britain-based company Wonder[19] and Neon Ink Productions in February Banijay Studios Italy,[20] Banijay Asia[21] and Banijay Productions Germany[22] were created in June of that year. Portocabo and Terence Films also became members of the group in 2018.

In October 2018, Banijay entered advanced talks to acquire rival Endemol Shine Group,[23] with a deal approved a year later on 26 October 2019.[24]

In October 2019, Good Times and Funwood Media became part of the group and the company launched joint venture The Natural Studios alongside Bear Grylls and Delbert Shoopman.[25]

On 30 June 2020, the European Commission approved Banijay's purchase of Endemol Shine.[26] The purchase was completed on July 3, 2020, whereby Banijay took on its current name (dropping off "Group") and upscaled from its 16 territories to 22.[27] More recently, it signed a deal with Nineteen11, a production company.[28] On December 15, 2021, Banijay Rights inked a deal with Viaplay which provided access to its Nordic drama titles.[29] This led to the creation of Banijay Brands and in September 2020 Banijay Germany secured the majority stake in SR Management GmbH.

In April 2021 it was announced Banijay acquired animation company Monello Productions to sit under Banijay Kids & Family. In addition that month, Banijay Germany launched new label Banijay Live Artist Brand before announcing in May that Banijay Productions Germany had established new documentary unit Doc.Banijay. In June of the same year Endemol Shine Germany, part of Banijay Germany had launched Rainer Laux Productions which is a collaboration with renowned TV producer Rainer Laux. Banijay Germany also partnered with Stephan Denzer in October to found fiction label Good Humor.[30]

In 2021, Marathon Studio, a joint venture with Banijay France was established and it was announced in July that Banijay France acquired DMLS TV. In July new French talent agency, Banijay Talent and IMA the new creative agency from Banijay Iberia were launched. Additionally, Banijay Benelux acquired a majority stake in leading Dutch sports producer Southfields.[31]

In September 2021, Banijay Americas launched new production studio Banijay Mexico & U.S. Hispanic which is based in Mexico City and Los Angeles.[32] Banijay UK also announced in October 2021 the creation of new scripted start-up Double Dutch.

In February 2022, Endemol Shine Boomdog, announced the launch of its post-production studio. This month also saw the creation of Yasuke Production. This new production company between Endemol France and Teddy Riner will focus on the world of sport. Later this month, a partnership with award-winning French producer Alain Goldman via Pitchipoï Productions and Montmartre Films was confirmed.[33]

In March 2022, it was announced that Banijay had acquired the Rome-based production company, Grøenlandia Group.[34]

In May 2022, it was announced that Banijay will be public through an agreement with a SPAC investment group.[35]


Banijay has several brands of television programmes and formats aimed at different demographics. Some of its better-known programmes and formats produced by its many subsidiaries (past and present) are:


Assets owned by Banijay include:[36]

Region/Country Units
  • Adventure Line Productions
    • Survivor Central Productions
  • Banijay Production Media
    • Festival'Air
    • Fiction'Air
    • Image On Air
    • Vision'Air
  • Banijay Productions France
  • Banijay Studios France
  • GTV Productions
  • Banijay Talent
    • Daze MGMT
    • Shauna Events
    • Talent Lab
    • Upper Talent
  • Endemol France
    • Endemol Production
    • Yasuke Production
  • H2O Productions
    • Connecting Prod
  • KM Production
  • Marathon Studio
  • Monello Productions
    • Ollenom Studio
  • Montmartre Films
  • Pistache TV
  • Pitchipoï Productions
  • Shine Fiction
  • Société Miss France
  • Terence Films[37]
  • Tooco
  • Banijay Productions Germany
  • Banijay Live Artist Brand (BLAB)[39]
  • Brainpool TV
  • Endemol Shine Germany
    • Endemol Shine Beyond
    • Rainer Laux Productions (joint venture with Rainer Laux)[43]
  • Good Humor
  • Good Times
  • MadeFor
  • SR Management GmbH[44]
  • Endemol Shine Israel
  • Survivor Serbia 2022
  • Survivor Croatia 2022
  • Banijay Belgium
  • Blockbuster Media
  • Endemol Shine Nederland
  • Endemol Shine Scripted
  • NL Film & TV
    • Totem Media (joint venture with Fonk Film[50])
  • SimpelZodiak
  • Southfields
  • TVBV
Nordic countries
  • Banijay Factory[51]
  • Banijay Finland
  • Metronome Productions A/S (Denmark)
  • Endemol Shine Finland[52]
  • Rubicon TV AS (Norway)
  • Filmlance International AB (Sweden)
  • Jarowskij (Sweden)
    • Jarowskij Finland[53]
  • Mastiff Television (Denmark/Norway/Sweden)
  • Meter Television AB (Sweden)
  • Nordisk Film TV (Denmark/Norway)
  • Pineapple Entertainment (Denmark)
  • Respirator (Denmark)
  • Yellow Bird (Sweden)
  • Banijay Nordic Mobile


Spain and Portugal
  • Cuarzo Producciones
  • Dlo/Magnolia[55]
    • Dlo Producciones
  • Endemol Portugal
  • IMA
  • Shine Iberia
  • Magnolia
  • Diagonal Television
  • Gestmusic
  • Zeppelin Television
  • Tuiwok Estudios


United States
Latin America
  • Banijay Mexico & U.S. Hispanic
  • Endemol Shine Latino[45]
Australia and New Zealand
  • Banijay Asia
  • Endemol Shine India


Other countries
  • Banijay Brands
  • Banijay Kids and Family
    • Zodiak Kids and Family Distribution
    • Zodiak Kids and Family Productions UK
    • Zodiak Kids and Family France
      • Tiger Aspect Kids and Family
  • Banijay Rights


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