Bangladesh Students Union

Anti Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture, a statue in the Dhaka University campus, erected in the memory of Raju, an activist of Students' Union

Bangladesh Students' Union (BSU) was instituted in 1952. This organization is one of the leading student organizations in Bangladesh. It is working for students and youth right as a secular and progressive students' organization in Bangladesh as well as all over the world as the member of several international students' and youth organizations. Bangladesh Students' Union (BSU) is working as the most conscious, advanced and struggling progressive representative of the students of Bangladesh, independent, unique, democratic, pluralistic, non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan student organization which would embrace, represent and defend the interests of students and their rights.

In Bangladesh students organizations are directly involved with political parties except for Bangladesh Students Union (BSU). The political parties motivate students organizations. They are using students as an instrument to go to the power. Bangladesh Students Union is different from any other students organizations in Bangladesh. BSU is moving towards as a free and secular students organization. Mainly BSU is working with students related issues.

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