National Film Awards (Bangladesh)

The National Film Awards (Bengali: জাতীয় চলচ্চিত্র পুরস্কার) is an annual awards ceremony held annually in Dhaka, Bangladesh.[1][2] It is considered to be the most prominent film award ceremony in Bangladesh. The National Film Awards were established in 1975 by the government of Bangladesh.[3] Every year, a national panel appointed by the government selects the winning entries.

National Film Awards
Current: 47th Bangladesh National Film Awards
National Film Awards logo
Awarded forExcellence in cinematic achievements for Bangladeshi cinema
Sponsored byGovernment of Bangladesh
Presented byMinistry of Information
First awarded1975
Last awarded2023



The National Film Awards were first presented in 1975. The government of Bangladesh offers the National Film Awards to the films and individuals for notable contributions to the art of cinema. Beginning in 1975, The National Film Awards is an event that takes place annually that includes colorful programs, dance, and music. The awards are the only film awards awarded by the government of Bangladesh.

No awards were given in 1981 because the panel determined that no film was competent enough to receive an award.[2]

Juries and rules


The juries are appointed by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board, a department under the Ministry of Information of the government of Bangladesh. The board members are chosen from a variety of professions; it has previously included social workers, government officers, educators, journalists, filmmakers, film producers, actors, and poets. The board also provides secretarial assistance and manages screenings of films submitted for the National Film Award. It is also responsible for screening of films examined by the Appellate Committee.[4]

Award categories


Every award winner receives a trophy in addition to cash and a certificate.[3] The Lifetime Achievement Award was first introduced in 2009. The amount of cash is increasing than that of the starting time. For Lifetime Achievement it is Tk 300,000, best producer and director Tk 200,000 each, and others Tk 100,000 from November 2019.[5]

Lifetime Achievement Award


Merit Awards


Technical Awards


Special awards

  • Special Jury Award
  • Best Feature Film

Awards by decade


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