Bangchan General Assembly

Bangchan General Assembly Co., Ltd. is an automobile assembly based in the Khan Na Yao District, in Bangkok, Thailand. The plant is a subsidiary of the Phra Nakorn Automobile Company.[1]

Bangchan General Assembly Co., Ltd.
Founded1970; 52 years ago (1970)
HeadquartersKhan Na Yao District, Bangkok, Thailand
ProductsAutomobiles, engines


Bangchan General Assembly was founded in 1970 as a Thai-American joint venture with General Motors.[2] Against the background of corresponding political requirements, the assembly of passenger cars from CKD kits began in 1979.[2]

The plant changed hands several times:[2]

  • 1979 Isuzu Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • 1987 Honda Cars (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • since 2005 Phra Nakorn Automobile Group

No vehicle production was reported for 2005.[3]


Since its inception, BGAC has assembled models from 14[4] or 15 different brands.[2] They include, Daihatsu, Opel and Honda.[5] Daihatsu production ended in 1998.[6] Commercial vehicles of the brands Foton and Tata (since 2017) are also assembled.[1][2][4] Since 2017, BGAC has been operating together with Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd. a delivery center for new vehicles.[7]


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