Banganga Temple

Banganga Temple is situated at Khuiratta Town in Kotli District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan.[1] This temple is dedicated to Goddess Ganga. This temple is one of the historical temple, built before the partition of India and Pakistan.[2] The temple is completely destroyed and there are no idols inside the temple which may have been destroyed or stolen. The temple wall is cracked and one day it will collapse and the temple floor also deteriorated. There is also a waterfall near this temple.[3]

Banganga Temple
Banganga Temple at Khuiratta, Pakistan.jpg
View of Banganga Temple at Khuiratta, Pakistan
State Azad Kashmir
Country Pakistan
Banganga Temple is located in Azad Kashmir
Banganga Temple
Shown within Azad Kashmir
Banganga Temple is located in Pakistan
Banganga Temple
Banganga Temple (Pakistan)
Geographic coordinates33°21′54.0″N 74°04′48.6″E / 33.365000°N 74.080167°E / 33.365000; 74.080167Coordinates: 33°21′54.0″N 74°04′48.6″E / 33.365000°N 74.080167°E / 33.365000; 74.080167
TypeHindu Temple

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