Bang Lang Dam

The Bang Lang Dam (Thai: เขื่อนบางลาง, RTGSKhuean Bang Lang, pronounced [kʰɯ̀a̯n bāːŋ lāːŋ]), also known as the Pattani Dam (เขื่อนปัตตานี, RTGSKhuean Pattani, pronounced [kʰɯ̀a̯n pàt.tāː.nīː]), is a multi-purpose hydroelectric dam in the Bannang Sata District of Yala Province, Thailand.[1] It was the first multi-purpose dam developed in Thailand's southern region. The dam impounds the Pattani River, creating the Bang Lang Reservoir. The dam and its accompanying power plant were developed as part of the Pattani Project.[2]

Bang Lang Dam
Khuean Bang Lang, Bannang Sata District, Yala, Thailand - panoramio.jpg
Dam looking to Pattani River
Bang Lang Dam is located in Thailand
Bang Lang Dam
Dam location in Thailand
LocationBannang Sata, Yala
Coordinates6°9′23″N 101°16′25″E / 6.15639°N 101.27361°E / 6.15639; 101.27361Coordinates: 6°9′23″N 101°16′25″E / 6.15639°N 101.27361°E / 6.15639; 101.27361
Construction beganJuly 1976 (1976-July)[1]
Opening date27 September 1981 (1981-September-27)
Construction costUS$133.13 million[2]
Owner(s)Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarth fill dam
ImpoundsPattani River
Height (foundation)85 m (279 ft)
Length430 m (1,410 ft)
Elevation at crest120 m (390 ft)[2]
Width (crest)10 m (33 ft)
CreatesBang Lang Reservoir
Total capacity1,420,000,000 m3 (5.0×1010 cu ft)
Catchment area2,080 km2 (800 sq mi)
Power Station
Operator(s)Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
Turbines3 x 24 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity72 MW
Annual generation200 GWh


Bang Lang Dam is an earth core rockfill dam. It is 430 m (1,410 ft) long and 85 m (279 ft) high. Its reservoir has a maximum storage capacity of 1,420,000,000 m3 (5.0×1010 cu ft) with a catchment area of 2,080 km2 (800 sq mi).[1]

The dam is considered multi-purpose supporting electricity generation, irrigation, flood control, fisheries and recreation activities.[2]

Power plantEdit

The dam's power plant has three hydroelectric Francis turbine-generating units, each with an installed capacity of 24 MW.[3] A nearby mini hydroelectric project at Ban Santi has a 1.275 MW generating unit and is also part of the Pattani Project. The combined annual power generation is 200 GWh.[2]


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