List of rulers of medieval Bosnia

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This is a list of monarchs of Bosnia, containing bans and kings of Medieval Bosnia; Bosnia (early medieval), Banate of Bosnia, Kingdom of Bosnia.

Duke (1082–1136)

Picture Name House Reign Overlordship Notes
Stephen Vojislavljević fl.
Appointed ruler of Bosnia sometime between 1082 and 1085 by King Constantine Bodin of Dioclea.[1][2]

Bans (1136–1377)

Picture Name House Reign Overlordship Notes
Conquered by Béla II of Hungary in 1136; Ladislaus II of Hungary first held the title Duke of Bosnia 1137–1154
Borić Boričević 1154–1163
Beloš (1154–1158)
Géza II (1158–1162)
Stephen IV (1162–1163)
1167: Bosnia claimed by the Byzantine Empire[3]
1180s: Bosnia claimed by the Kingdom of Hungary
Kulin Kulinić 1180–1204
Manuel I Comnenus (1180–1183)
Emeric I (1183–1204)
Stephen Kulinić 1204–1232
  Matej Ninoslav 1232–1253
Prijezda I Kotromanić 1254–1287
Michael of Bosnia (1262–1266)
Béla of Macsó (1266–1272)
Stephen Gutkeled (1272–1273)
Prijezda II Kotromanić 1287–1290
Stephen I Kotromanić 1287–1314 In 1299, Paul I Šubić of Bribir took the title "lord of Bosnia" (Bosniae dominus) and named his brother Mladen I Šubić of Bribir as the Bosnian ban. From 1299 until 1304 Mladen I was at war with Stephen I.
Paul Šubić 1305–1312 In 1305, Paul I Šubić took the title "lord of Bosnia" (Bosniae dominus).
Mladen II Šubić 1312–1322 Paul's eldest son Mladen II Šubić of Bribir

was Lord of Bosnia from 1312 to 1322.
In 1314, Mladen II appoints Stephen II Kotromanić,
his former enemy, as vassal in Bosnia.

Stephen II Kotromanić 1322–1353
Tvrtko I Kotromanić 1353–1366
Vuk Kotromanić 1366–1367
Tvrtko I Kotromanić 1367–1377

Kings and queen (1377–1463)


All Bosnian kings added the honorific Stephen to their baptismal name upon accession.

Name Portrait Birth Marriage(s) Death
Tvrtko I
26 October 1377 – 10 March 1391
son of Vladislav Kotromanić and Jelena Šubić
Dorothea of Bulgaria
8 December 1374
no children
10 March 1391
aged 53
10 March 1391 – 8 September 1395
after 1339
illegitimate son of Vladislav Kotromanić
Jelena Gruba
one daughter
8 September 1395
Kraljeva Sutjeska
Jelena Gruba
8 September 1395 – 1398
born to the House of Nikolić Stephen Dabiša
one daughter
after 1399
Stephen Ostoja
illegitimate son of Vladislav Kotromanić or Tvrtko I (1) Vitača
no children
(2) Kujava
one son
(3) Jelena Nelipčić
no children
after 23 March 1418
Stephen Ostojić
son of Stephen Ostoja and Kujava never married 1421
Tvrtko II
1420 – November 1443
illegitimate son of Tvrtko I Dorothy Garai
no children
November 1443
anti-king 1432–1435
illegitimate son of Stephen Ostoja Catherine of Velika
three sons
June 1463
Stephen Thomas
1443 – 10 July 1461
  illegitimate son of Stephen Ostoja (1) Vojača
one son
(2) Katarina Kosača
two children
10 July 1461
Stephen Tomašević
10 July 1461 – 5 June 1463
  son of Stephen Thomas and Vojača Jelena Branković
1 April 1459
no children
5 June 1463
Nicholas of Ilok "King of Bosnia" (1471–1477) appointed by the King of Hungary
Matthias of Bosnia (House of Kotromanić) "King of Bosnia" (1465–1471) son of Radivoj of Bosnia, appointed by the Sultan
Matija Vojsalić (House of Hrvatinić) "King of Ottoman Bosnia" (1472–1476) appointed by the Sultan, removed for conspiring against the Ottomans

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