Baltimore County Executive

The Baltimore County Executive is the highest elected official representing the Government of Baltimore County, Maryland, United States. The office was established with the implementation of the Home Rule Charter for Baltimore County on December 6, 1956. Previously the powers of the county executive were vested with the Board of County Commissioners in Baltimore County, which with the implementation of the Home Rule Charter ceased to exist. The County Executive is elected to post every four years, coinciding with the elections for the County Council and Governor of Maryland.

County Executive of Baltimore County, Maryland
FormationDecember 6, 1956
First holderMichael J. Birmingham

The current Baltimore County Executive is Johnny A. Olzewski Jr. Two former County Executives have achieved prominence since leaving office: Spiro T. Agnew, who went on to become Governor of Maryland and Vice President of the United States under Richard Nixon, resigning in disgrace due to scandal; and Dutch Ruppersberger, who currently represents the 2nd congressional district of Maryland in the United States House of Representatives.

List of Baltimore County ExecutivesEdit

Name Took office Left office Party
1 Michael J. Birmingham 1956 1958 Democratic
2 Christian H. Kahl 1958 1962 Democratic
3 Spiro T. Agnew 1962 1966 Republican
4 N. Dale Anderson 1966 1974 Democratic
5 Frederick L. Dewberry (Acting)1 1974 1974 Democratic
6 Theodore G. "Ted" Venetoulis 1974 1978 Democratic
7 Donald P. Hutchinson 1978 1986 Democratic
8 Dennis F. Rasmussen 1986 1990 Democratic
9 Roger B. Hayden 1990 1994 Republican
10 C.A. Dutch Reppersberger, III 1994 2002 Democratic
11 James T. Smith, Jr. 2002 2010 Democratic
12 Kevin B. Kamenetz 2010 2018 Democratic
Frederick J. Homan (Acting)2 2018 2018 Democratic
13 Donald I. Mohler, III (ad interim)3 2018 2018 Democratic
14 John A. "Johnny O" Olszewski, Jr. 2018 Incumbent Democratic


  • ^1 Acting county executive after the conviction and resignation of Anderson
  • ^2 Acting county executive after the death of Kamenetz
  • ^3 Appointed to fill remainder of Kamenetz's term