Baloch people in Punjab

The Baloch people in Punjab(Balochi: پنجاپءِ بلۏچ), is a community of Baloch people who have settled in the Punjab province of Pakistan. A significant number of Baloch tribes have over time settled in the Punjab. The Baloch of southern Punjab, including Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur, which adjoin Balochistan, speak Saraiki and Balochi.[1][2]

Baloch people in Punjab
Regions with significant populations
Punjab, Pakistan
Punjabi • Seraiki • Urdu • English
Related ethnic groups
Baloch • Baloch diaspora • Sindhi Baloch • Baloch of India


According to Dr. Akhtar Baloch, Professor at University of Karachi, the Baloch migrated from Balochistan during the Little Ice Age and settled in Sindh and Punjab. According to Professor Baloch, the climate of Balochistan was very cold during this epoch and the region was inhabitable during the winter so the Baloch people migrated in waves and settled in Sindh and Punjab.baloch people form majority in dera Ghazi Khan or Rajanpur districts and found significant numbers in layyah,muzaffargarh,Rahim yar Khan districts and Multan district.[3]

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