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The name Balmullo derives from Celtic bāile "village" with mullaich "top". The village name was recorded as Beilmullhoh in 1282.

Now largely a dormitory settlement, it was once a weaving village. Balmullo was the home of the picture postcard cartoonist Martin Anderson ('Cynicus') whose red sandstone Cynicus Castle was demolished in 1939, seven years after his death.[3]

Balmullo todayEdit

Balmullo benefits from a Spar grocery store which also doubles as a Post Office. Balmullo also has a pub; The Balmullo Inn public house.

The Balmullo Primary School is located in the heart the village.[4] A village newsletter is also published online.[5]

In 2002, the village appeared in news articles after a big cat was allegedly spotted nearby.[6]


Balmullo quarry

The quarry at Balmullo extracts orange-pink felsite (red pathway chippings), and lies to the west of the village. Minerals found here include azurite, baryte, malachite, metatorbernite, and pseudomalachite.


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