Ballyboodan Ogham Stone

Ballyboodan Ogham Stone (CIIC 038) is an ogham stone and National Monument located in County Kilkenny, Ireland.[1][2]

Ballyboodan Ogham Stone
Native name
Irish: Cloch Oghaim Bhaile Mhuadáin
Ogham stone by side of lane, Ballyboodan, Knocktopher, Co. Kilkenny - - 206902.jpg
TypeOgham stone
LocationBallyboodan, Knocktopher,
County Kilkenny, Ireland
Coordinates52°28′12″N 7°13′22″W / 52.470111°N 7.222667°W / 52.470111; -7.222667Coordinates: 52°28′12″N 7°13′22″W / 52.470111°N 7.222667°W / 52.470111; -7.222667
AreaNore Valley
Elevation60 m (200 ft)
Height2.31 m (7 ft 7 in)
BuiltAD 700–900
Official nameBallyboodan
Reference no.599
Ballyboodan Ogham Stone is located in Ireland
Ballyboodan Ogham Stone
Location of Ballyboodan Ogham Stone in Ireland


Ballyboodan Ogham Stone lies in an enclosure on the roadside, 1.7 km (1.1 mi) south of Knocktopher.[3]


Ballyboodan Ogham Stone was carved c. AD 700–900. It was rediscovered before 1841, and was knocked down by treasure-seekers. In 1850 the tenant of the land wanted to destroy it as an obstacle to the plough, but luckily it was saved by the landlord, Sir Hercules Richard Langrishe, 3rd Baronet.[4]


Ballyboodan Ogham Stone is a block of slate measuring 231 × 175 × 23 cm and has Ogham carvings incised on one edge. ᚛ᚉᚑᚏᚁᚔᚕᚑᚔᚋᚐᚊᚔᚂᚐᚏᚔᚇ᚜ (CORBI KOI MAQI LABRID, "Here is Corb, son of Labraid").[5][6]


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