Ballet of the 20th Century

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Ballet of the 20th Century (French: Ballet du XXme Siècle), was a ballet and contemporary dance company in Brussels, Belgium[1] in 1960, by the French/Swiss choreographer Maurice Béjart.[2] For many years it was the official dance company of the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie.

The company was known for including South and East Asian elements in its performances.[3]


Bejart had previously founded a company in Paris, which he named first Les Ballets de l'Étoile, and later Ballet Théâtre de Maurice Bejart. When he moved to Brussels in 1960,[4] he relocated the company and renamed it Ballet du XXme Siècle.[5] It was eventually dissolved when Bejart moved to Switzerland to form Béjart Ballet in Lausanne in 1987.


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