Ballaglass Glen Halt

Ballaglass Glen Halt (Manx: Stadd Ghlion Valley Glass) is an intermediate stopping place on the northerly section of the Manx Electric Railway on the Isle of Man.

Ballaglass Glen

Glion Valley Glass
Manx Electric Railway
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General information
LocationMaughold, Isle Of Man
CoordinatesPole Nos. 654-655
Owned byIsle Of Man Railways
PlatformsGround Level
TracksTwo Running Lines
Structure typeWaiting Shelter
Opened1899 (1899)
Previous namesManx Electric Railway Co.


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The halt is located at the entrance to the national glen of the same name and is served only by rail, there being no direct road access to this location.


A wooden waiting shelter featuring a sprung gate which is to stop sheep from getting trapped inside it, such is the rural nature of the Manx Electric Railway and its environs. The current shelter was erected in 1987 replacing an earlier version of corrugated iron construction.


Nearby in a southerly direction is the sub-station building which can be seen through the trees from passing trams; today the majority of this building houses a private dwelling complete with swimming pool in the old boiler house, although a small sub-station still exists on site.


Preceding station   Manx Electric Railway   Following station
Dolland   Douglas - Ramsey   Cornaa

Coordinates: 54°16′49″N 4°21′55″W / 54.28028°N 4.36528°W / 54.28028; -4.36528


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