Balika Badhu (1967 film)

Balika Badhu is a 1967 Bengali film starring Moushumi Chatterjee (as balika badhu) & directed by Tarun Majumdar.[1][2] The film was based on novel of same name by Bimal Kar. The film was remade in Hindi as same name in 1976 also directed by Majumdar.[3]

Balika Badhu
Directed byTarun Mazumdar
Story byBimal Kar
StarringMoushumi Chatterjee
Release date
June 1, 1967
LanguagesBengali, Hindi


The movie is about child marriage, a custom that still prevails (illegally) among various Indian societies. Set during British Raj in India, the movie tells the story of a village school boy Amal, who is married to a younger girl named Rajni. Left together for a few days, as a part of the ritual, the two develop friendship and love. Shortly, Rajni must return to her parents’ house, while Amal continues with his studies at home with Masterji, an elderly teacher. His life is enlivened occasionally when Rajni is permitted to visit.

Though Rajni's next visit is scheduled for Durga Puja, she fails to make it. Instead, she arrives during Vijayadashami, to stay for a couple nights, before going on a proposed, long pilgrimage with her family. However, the British Police arrests Masterji for being a "freedom fighter", harboring and training fugitives, and making explosives. How this incident affects Amal and Rajni forms the rest of the story.


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