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Baledogle Airfield is a military airbase located in the district of Wanlaweyn in Lower Shabelle region of Somalia. It is situated 70 miles northwest of Mogadishu, halfway to Baidoa.[1]

Baledogle Airfield
Lower Shabelle, Somalia
U.S. Forces in Somalia - Department of Defense Joint Combat Camera Center DD-SD-00-00641 (5415234510).jpg
Baledogle Airfield is located in Somalia
Baledogle Airfield
Baledogle Airfield
Location in Somalia
Coordinates2°40′20″N 44°47′5″E / 2.67222°N 44.78472°E / 2.67222; 44.78472
TypeAir Force Base
Airfield information
Elevation298 ft (91 m) AMSL

The former Soviet built[2] airport served as a base for the Somali Air Force.[3][4] It is currently used by multi-national forces including the United States which operates drones against Al-Shabaab militants.[5]

Infrastructure at the airbase was expanded with the addition of 800 units of accommodation for American troops from June 2017 to May 2018. The construction of at least 208 was through the U.S. Army's Logistical Civil Augmentation Program and 600 beds were constructed under the Department of State’s Africa Peacekeeping Program.[6] The buildup coincides with an escalation by U.S. forces in their fight against al Qaida-linked al-Shabaab.[7]


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