Baldur Hönlinger

Baldur Hönlinger (Hoenlinger) (7 July 1905 – 12 March 1990) was an Austrian chess master who participated in tournaments and competitions from the 1920s to the 1950s.

A native of Vienna, Baldur Hönlinger played at first board (+8 -3 =4) for Austria in 2nd Chess Olympiad at The Hague 1928.[1]

He won at Vienna 1928, lost a match to Rudolf Spielmann in 1929, took 11th at Rogaška Slatina (Rohitsch-Sauerbrunn) 1929 (Akiba Rubinstein won),[2] shared 1st with Gedeon Barcza at Szolnok 1930, tied for 3rd-4th at Győr 1930 (Isaac Kashdan won), took 2nd, behind Albert Becker, at Vienna 1931 (Trebitsch Memorial),[3] shared 2nd, behind Karl Gilg, at Konstantinsbad 1935,[4] won at Vienna 1936, took 8th at Vienna 1936 (Trebitsch Memorial, Henryk Friedman won),[5] and won at Paris (L'Echiquier) 1938.[6]

After World War II, Hönlinger lived in West Germany. He tied for 9-10th at Weidenau 1947 (Georg Kieninger won), lost a match to Wolfgang Unzicker (2:4) in 1948, shared 14th at Bad Pyrmont 1949 (Efim Bogoljubow won), and tied for 11th-12th at Vienna 1951 (Schlechter Memorial, Moshe Czerniak won).

Baldur Hönlinger died in Wuppertal at the age of 84.


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