Balabhumi (Malayalam: ബാലഭൂമി) is a Malayalam comic magazine published by Mathrubhumi Publications. It was launched in 1996.[1][2]

Balabhumi Logo.jpg
Balabhumi Cover.jpg
Cover of a Balabhumi issue
Managing EditorP. V. Chandran
CategoriesComic magazine
PublisherP. V. Nidhish
Year founded1996
CompanyMathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Company Limited
Based inKozhikode, Kerala

It is the first Malayalam comic magazine to syndicate Disney Comics. It enjoys a good popularity in Kerala inspiring the publishers (mathrubhumi group ) to start a couple of other children's knowledge.

Stories and articlesEdit

  • Magic Malu (Artist: Mohandas: Story of a magician rabbit who helps everybody from any problem.
  • E-Man (Unnikrishnan kidangoor, Jingle bell creations) : The only Action Hero of Balabhumi.
  • Meeshamarjaran (Vallicode santhosh, Devaprakash) : Story of two best friends but will fall in a trap in the end.
  • Kunchoos :(Unnikrishnan kidangoor, Jingle bell creations) One of the naughtiest boy in Balabhumi.
  • Mallanunniyum Villanunniyum :(Unnikrishnan kidangoor, Jingle bell creations) Story of two brothers one (Villanunni) is intelligent but not strong another (Mallanunni) is strong but not intelligent.
  • Master Tintu : Story of a naughty boy who says super jokes.
  • Boli : Story of a girl who is naughty.
  • Vikru & Durbalan :(Unnikrishnan Kidangoor, Jingle bell creations ) Story of a little bear got friendly with a lion named Durbalan.
  • Girafunji : Story of a giraffe whose neck is longer than a real giraffe.
  • Eliyanum Puliyanum : Story of a rat and a leopard who are best friends.
  • Search engine (tech tips)
  • Fun English.
  • Brain teaser
  • Vaarikuzhi vanapathram
  • Classic collection
  • Team Duster
  • Comedy Kaadu:Depicting human life and current affairs using animals.
  • Comedy Quiz
  • Start Action
  • Kuttichaathan Ittooz
  • Space Scope
  • Kayamkulam Kochunni(Script-Unnikrishnan Kidangoor)


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